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Welcome to BuildAdvisor !

Our purpose is to help you find the right builder for your next project.
Why BuildAdvisor?
We established BuildAdvisor to make it easier for you to select a great builder. We believe your build should be a positive experience, with a fantastic end result. BuildAdvisor can help make this possible.

The team at BuildAdvisor has created an online platform allowing people to review their builders. You can then check these reviews, compare the ratings for different builders and get a clear picture of their overall performance.

Reviews are displayed via a simple star-rating system, making it easy to see how people have rated their builder. To keep BuildAdvisor fair and impartial, reviews are strictly click response.

While BuildAdvisor clearly assists consumers, it also gives builders invaluable feedback to help them modify and improve their service.

What can BuildAdvisor do for you?
Find a builder

A fast and easy way to find a builder in your area.

Check before you hire

Check up on the builder's completed works.

Answer key questions

On time, on budget, with expected quality, how professional is the builder to deal with? … and more.

Customer review-based

Soon to be Australia's no. 1 review-based builder website.

Share your experience

BuildAdvisor gives you the perfect opportunity to review and let others know all about your builder.

Check state registration

A fast and easy way to check a builder's professional registration status.

We’re independent

We are an independent review website. We are commercially independent of any building organisation. Our interest lies in helping you find a great builder.

Highest quality

We follow all ACCC recommended guidelines and principles to ensure the highest quality of information.


We adhere to the Australian privacy principles. Protecting your data is our highest concern.

BuildAdvisor can help!
Choosing the right person for your building project can be daunting. Perhaps you do not have enough background on a particular company. Or maybe you have limited options and need more builders to choose from.

We have ratings for builders from across Victoria, so you are not limited for choice. You can quickly find the builder you want and see their review, allowing you to consider their performance based on reliable information. As you work your way through our reviews, you will be able to see whether prospective builders completed other projects on time, on budget, and whether previous consumers would use the builder again.

There is also plenty of other information. It is our belief that BuildAdvisor will give you what you need to choose the right company…and achieve a great result.

Everyone deserves to have a fantastic building experience. Take control of your project with BuildAdvisor.