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How to build/renovate

Thinking about a renovation, extension, or new build? Our advice articles tell you what you need to know and why.

Getting started – BuildAdvisor

Before you even think about a visit to an architect or building designer, there are lots of things to consider. The following will help you get started. Most people ...

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Planning and building regulations – BuildAdvisor

Are you allowed to build three storeys, add a new driveway, remove the council tree, cut down your old oak tree, or paint your heritage cottage a different colour? ...

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All about plans – BuildAdvisor

What are plans and why do you need them? Do you need to hire a professional? How much do they cost? What are the plan stages? Read on to discover all about ...

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Architect or building designer – BuildAdvisor

Before you decide between a registered architect or a registered building designer you should understand the difference between the two ...

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Concept design – BuildAdvisor

Once you’ve chosen your architect or building designer, they start with the concept design stage. And the first plan you receive from your architect or building ...

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