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On The Spot Fines 2018

04/12/2018 | by buildadvisor | posted in : Builder | 0

2018 building regulations new & existing fines

The new building regulations are to be implemented on the 2nd of June. A number of offences have been added to the regulator.

The new regulations are designed to give transparency and information to the regulator, the general public and building owners. They also aim to improve fire safety in multi-storey residential buildings.

New Fines

The builder named on the building permit must ensure that a copy of the building permit documents are on site (VBA 2018).

$320 Offence.




Before commencement of the building a permit must be displayed to the public This includes demolition, or the removal of a building.

The details must include your registration number, contact details and the details of the building surveyor. You must also include the permit number and the date of issue of the permit.


This information must remain legible and visible for the duration of the work.




Within 7 days after you’ve received the building permit the building surveyor must provide you


  • A copy of the permit.
  • 2 copies of plans, specifications, and any other documents(excluding computations and reports).

An owner of a building or place must ensure that a copy of the current occupancy permit is displayed and at an approved location on site (VBA 2018).


$320 for a building, $790 for a place


This regulation applies to class 1b, 2, 3, 5 , 6 7 and 8 building constructed on or after 1 July 1994. It also applies to class 9 buildings and places of entertainment.


The building owner must keep the permit at the approved location of the building surveyor.


The building surveyor must choose a location that is prominent and accessible to the public. There are rare exclusions in (281) of the building act.


The owner of a building or place must give the RBS working on a maintenance schedule, all prescribed documents within 7 days after the RBS requests them.


$320 for a building, $790 for a place


The owner of the building must provide the relevant surveyor all the relevant documents including:


  • All annual safety measure reports under the 2018 regulations or previous.
  • All maintenance schedules in relation to essential safety measures at the site.
  • All maintenance determinations requiring an essential safety measure.
  • The records of all inspections, testing and maintenances of any essential safety measure at the place or building.